Pavement Ant


1.     Appearance:

-Size: 2.5-3mm long

-Color: light brown/black

-Other: 12 segmented antennae and three-segment club

2.     Behavior:

-Life cycle: Most active during summer months

-Reproductive cycle: in June and July queens start to make new colony after swarming season.

-Diet: grease, meats ,live and dead insects

-Habits: forage for food and create trails form food source to nest.

3.     Habitat

-Location: out doors under stones and cracks in pavement/indoors in wall voids and under floors.

-Conducive conditions: cracks and crevices are entry points for these pest forging in homes for food and leaving a trail from nest to food source.

4.     Damages and Hazards

-nuisance pest can become an indoor pest if grease or meats are left unattended. Ants can contaminate foods and create trails in undesired locations. Professional treatment method is recommended

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