House Mice


1.     Appearance:

-Size: Adult Body length averages 3 to 4 inch, tail length averages 3 to 4 inches

-Color: House mouse ( solid brown to black)

-Other: (distinguishing facts) – House mice have a naked bald tail

2.     Behavior:

-Life cycle: Mice are born hairless, with the eyes and ears shut. Hair begins to grow in a matter of days, but it will take about 2 weeks for the eyes and ears to open. Can live up to 3 years indoors and 1 year in the wild.

-Reproductive cycle: Mice gestation period average 19-21 days, and give birth to an average of 6 to 8 young. Females may produce 10 litters in a year.

-Diet: Mice are omnivorous, can become cannibalistic, and sometime will eat their own feces.

-Habits: Mice are crepuscular and nocturnal. Mice will sleep for about 12 hours a day. They are territorial and will only have 1 male per territory. Mice will nest close to food sources, and will obtain all necessary water from the foods they eat. They tend to nibble at foods and will feed multiple times through the night. Often destroying and contaminating foods rather than feeding.

3.     Habitat

-Location: Mice outdoors will nest in tunnels dug into the ground. Inside homes, they will seek warmth during the winter months.

-Conducive conditions: crickets may attract mice as they serve as food. Floods and demolishing old buildings will flush out mice into the streets.

4.     Damages and Hazards

– Mice will contaminate foods and containers. Mice will urinate and leave droppings on the paths they travel. Droppings contain bacteria which are harmful to humans. Mice will easily spread disease through their destructive and sloppy nature.

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