American Roach



1.     Appearance:

-Size: average of 1.5 inches long

-Color: reddish brown with a light yellow highlight on the head.

-Other: (distinguishing facts) the largest cockroach found in New Jersey. Can fly but rarely do so.

2.     Behavior:

-Life cycle: American Roaches mature through incomplete metamorphosis. Nymphs differ from adults in that the adults have wings.

-Reproductive cycle: Roach will deposit eggs in safe hidden locations.  Numphs hatch in 6-8 weeks and require up to 1 year to reach sexual maturity.

-Diet: American roach can eat anything from grease, glue, hair, to other insects and other roaches.

-Habits: Nocturnal insects. Can fit in small cracks and crevices despite of their size. One of the fastest insects.

3.     Habitat

-Location: The American roach will nest in humid or damp areas where water is readily available.  Due to their high demand for moisture they are often called waterbugs. They are primarily found outside but will nest in damp basements and crawl spaces.

-Conducive conditions: water accumulation or leaks

4.     Damages and Hazards

-filth pests that can transmit disease and bacteria through food contamination. Droppings can be confused for mice droppings and can produce asthma and other respiratory issues.

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