Bed Bugs



1.     Appearance:

-Size: 4 to 5mm

-Color: reddish-brown

-Other: body swells up after blood meal

2.     Behavior:

-Life cycle: six life stages to adult, live up to one year

-Reproductive cycle: lay over 200 eggs in lifetime

-Diet: human blood

-Habits: parasite stays within 15ft of the host.

3.     Habitat

-Location: bed bugs can be found anywhere

-Conducive conditions: cannot survive in temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or freezing temperature

4.     Damages and Hazards

-Nuisance pest can infest a home very quickly leaving bite marks all over your body and making your home a uncomfortable place. Every small nocturnal pest peak hours between 5 and 6 in the morning making it a difficult to identify.